Clearing out and re-attacking

Clearing out and re-attacking

I have a strong team of u21's who play brilliantly, except for running into one another space. Is there a drill which focuses on clearing out before re-attacking as a group?

Netball CoachCoach
Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

look up drills with the words lead, follow and reoffer. there are some really good drills that work in triagles that have players starting together, splitting, both driving to opposides of the court or circle, with the one who doesnt get the ball having to then cuts behind the one who does and the player who did get the orginal ball cutting again and reoffering. good for backline defence behind the circle moves, and center breaks, but can be used pretty much anywhere. also weaving is good for cutting and reoffering as well.

Janet Coach, Australia

Considerations can be: are players playing out of their positional areas causing confusion(e.g. WA leading past the centre circle into defensive space), do players offer an unsuccessful lead and then change direction back into the area they left thereby closing down space where a second offer may be made, are the players in front of the passage of play continually adjusting their spacing depending on what their players closest to the ball are doing, are they competing with each other for passes, are individual players regularly making more than one offer/lead for ball cutting out others in the process?

Two simple routines you can try to reinforce timing, clearing and spacing are:

1. Line up 4-8 players evenly spaced down the centre of the length of the court with one ball to be passed from one end to the other. Put a cone out to the side 4 to 5 metres away from each player. One end player starts routine by throwing ball into air, next player in line clears out to cone always facing ball and returns to catch the pass from end player. As the pass is being received, the next player in line clears out to cone and returns to receive the next pass etc until last player at other end (also clearing/driving) sends the ball back the other way in the same routine. Can start off slowly then speed up as they all get the rhythm then alternate sides, put up a high pass, rotate end players, shorten clear & introduce prelim move prior to clear etc. etc.

2. Passing routine up & down court with players numbered and evenly spaced (with 7 can start in own positions) with coach calling out passing sequence, each receiving player to do a clear and drive before receiving the pass and remaining players to adjust to even spacing throughout routine. Coach can call odds, evens, random numbers, type of pass etc. Defenders can be introduced once the clearing/spacing concept has been understood.

A bit of a ramble on but hope you can work it out.

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