Line Drive - Through Court Movement

category: Movement

Netball Line drive - through court movement Movement Set up: One ball, full court, 5+ players. 1. Players line up down the middle of the court, evenl...

Through Court Movement

category: Roles-responsibilities

Netball Through court movement Roles & responsibilities Set up: 7+ players, one ball, full court. Players set up in loosely positioned areas. Ball st...

Through Court Movement

category: Group-practices

Players set up in loosely positioned areas. Ball starts down one end i.e. with the shooter and players work the ball through the full court. Coaching...

Down Court Progressions

category: Movement

Netball Down court progressions Movement Full team lined up down the length of the court about 2 metres off the midline. 1.Ball starts down one end o...

Web Videos

Netball: court movement

Get your players movement perfect with this sprint practice. Players work on their 'plant and drive' off the outside foot when moving from cone to con...


Clearing Runs to Create Space

Don't all crowd and run to the ball, like moths to a light bulb! Teach your players to make smart runs to stretch the opposition and create space!


Community Drills

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Full court movementside shuttles to 1st coneprint to 2nd coneSide shuttles to 3rd coneSprint to 4th coneREPEAT