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Set up:

  • No set amount of people needed.
  • Working in partners. 
  • 2 groups opposite each other.


  • Two players drive out on and angle.
  • One player receives a pass from the same line they have left.
  • Receiver to pass back to partner who has driven out also.
  • First receiver drives long and diagonal across court to receive a long pass from their partner then delivers it back to the line.

*Introduce trigger once players have mastered the above movement.

  • Trigger – called by a nominated player to change the space.
  • Same drill as above but to the opposite side of the court.
  • When 'trigger' is called players aim to adapt to the other side of the court as quickly as possible.
  • 'Trigger' player to initiate play and be passing/receiver option.

Coaching points

  • Players are forced to make quick decisions and adapt to the game situation through the ‘trigger’. Good to practice spatial awareness and assertive pass and cuts through court.

Common errors:

  • Monotonous driving to the same area or same people doing the work. Nominate players, to ensure everyone is involved.


  • Add in defence - Instead of the long driver returning to the line, they then become defence for the first pass. 
  • Introduce specific receiving areas, the ball has to be caught in coned area to avoid basic straight line running and requires cut movements to get into space. 
  • More than one ball can be added – requires attack and defence to become more obvious. 
  • Count amount of errors, passes or time pressure.

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