Netball Drill Demonstration


Set up:

One ball, two lines opposite each other.

  • Long pass delivered to opposite line, passer then to immediately drive to try to touch the ball.
  • Driver returns to back of the opposite line.
  • If ball is touched, driver to pass back to line to keep drill going.

Coaching points

A basic drill that gets players to pass and then react. Changing from attack to defence or attack to follow up on the next pass.

Puts pressure on the passer to get rid of the ball quickly.

Once a ball is passed, players learn to drive, whether it be for the next pass or to pick up defense.

Common errors:

Pass delivered too low and driver receive the pass. The pass is intended to go overhead to the opposite receiver in line. Driver is encouraged to keep running towards passer and not stop midway.



  • Players start far away in line and get closer together to gain the feeling of success i.e. easier to make the intercept. 
  • Defence could be placed in coned areas between lines, as a one to one so attackers have to drive to receive pass from opposite side. 
  • A ‘popping’ feeder could be introduced to create another passing option with the driving i.e. pops out to the side of line so there are 2 options, the passer can then become a defender and defend the next person driving.

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