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Crowding GA WA in the transition

Hi guysSo I’m having a isssue with my GA and WA coming up way too high on our GK transitions. I keep telling the girls that they can’t cross that transvers line so soon, let your teammates GK, GD, WD & C bring the ball down as your making there space crowded and making it a lot harder to for GA to get in the shooting circle. Etc etc. There trying to help way too much. Any drills I can use for this. Cheers
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Hi Carie, 

I understand how frustrating it can be when your WA and GA come up too high to help bring the ball through - instead of helping they in fact do the opposite and overcrowd the area making it harder to find space and see your best options. Firstly I would advise you to tell your GA that she should never be in front of your WA when the ball is coming through court as you will need her to in the shooting circle. You should also tell your WA that she shouldn't come up past half way, past the centre circle or she will be taking other players space; instead as you said, wait for the ball to come through court. 

I have attached a simple drill that will get your players understanding their roles coming through court and be able to read off and provide an offer at the correct time. 

Once your players have mastered this, you can then progress the drill and add defenders, as shown

Another similar drill you may find useful is 'Across The Court' this will really help your players understand how they must read off the player in front and only offer when they are next and needed. 

I have focused on through court drills, as this is likely to be the best way for your players to see the ball coming down court and understand and time their movement effectively.

I hope this helps. 

Through Court Play with at least two offers for every pass

Video / Animation
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Starting on a backline, players move the ball through the court ending up with the shooter who puts a shot up.

Players should aim to pass the ball in the following order: GK, GD, WD, C, WA, GA, GS.

If WD had the ball for example, ideally the C should receive it, but WA also needs to offer in a different space for the ball, as well as the GD providing a back up offer if the C is not available.

There should always be a back-up offer from the player who has just received the ball, as well as a minimum of two offers from down the court.

Players should aim to time their movement so they are reading off each other.

Coaching Points:

Players time movement so they are reading off each other and moving into different spaces.

If an offering player does not get the ball she clears wide down the outside channel and gets ready to be an offer for the next ball.

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