Clearing Runs to Create Space

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This session is all about running (don't worry it's not a fitness session) as we aim to improve your players' spatial awareness and get them using runs as a way to create space on the court!

Sometimes running away from the ball can be just as useful as running towards it. Although this might sound strange to some of your players it's the key lesson in this session, as we teach players not to crowd and run to the ball, but instead make intelligent runs to stretch the opposition and improve their overall team game.

What's in the Session?

To develop your players' ability to use clearing runs to create space on the court and to get them working as a team with their on court movement this session gets your players to call for the ball, make runs into space and not always receive the pass (like in a game).

We then finish things off with a fun conditioned game, designed to get players to drag their marker around the court, making space for others on their team!

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