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Game related Drills

These field hockey training games improve how your team defend and attack as a team. These games cover everything from keeping possession as a team to...

Practices For Juniors

These junior hockey drills and videos are aimed at teaching younger or novice players the basics of the game and get them used to using the stick to c...


1 V 1 Competition

category: Eliminating-a-Player

The aim of the game is to try and score goals from about 2m out. The length of the game is approximately 2-3 minutes long and starts on the first whis...

Reverse Stick Drag Stage 5

category: Moving-with-the-ball

Reverse stick at this level the reverse stick is used to transfer the ball from left to right and not as a separate technique


category: Goal-keeping

  • Setup the practice as shown.
  • The feeder rolls the ball for the goalkeeper to dive and save either side. If the ball falls to one of the re...

    Kick Through Gates

    category: Goal-keeping

  • Setup as shown.
  • Goalkeeper starts behind the line and advances 1 pace towards the feeder, who strikes the ball at goal to either corner.

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    Community Drills

    Drill 2 - Scoring in the 9 Yard Area

    3 v 3 inside the D, with 3 feeding stations located around the D on the 5 yard lines.Players located inside the circle will attack twice, and then def...

    8 v 2 (Passing)

    8 attackers vs 2 defenders. Aims 8 attackers to keep the ball by passing it around the group and preventing the 2 defenders from getting the...

    3D passing and deflection drill.

    This drill is tailored towards giving confidence on the ball when faced with the opposition and how to get out of trouble. Use of 3D skills must ...