Attacking the central channel - Narrow Possession

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Possession is playing a growing role in hockey. Having the ability and confidence to keep the ball for prolonged periods of time in the middle of the field when the play gets congested is a great tactical weapon to be able to call upon during games. Make the most of the little space there is and create sustained attacking pressure.

What's in the Session?

Warm up at the start of the session with a practice to test your players passing and receiving. Encourage the players to switch on mentally and increase their movement to raise their heart rate. As the session builds, the technical practices aim to develop the players skills in possession, increasing the pressure and decreasing the space and time on the ball as it goes. It then seeks to incorporate the ability to build possession resulting in a goal scoring opportunity. The small sided games give the players a great understanding of how and why to keep possession plus develops their skill set so that when it comes to game day, they can recreate it under greater pressure.

Go out and transform your group of players into composed and knowledgeable competitors who are readily seeking possession to create attacking opportunities. Don?t pass it up, this could be the best transformation you make.

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