Hockey Drill Demonstration


Player 1 runs up to the 2 cones and  reverse stick drags the ball through them before then running to the far cone.

When they reach the far cone they pass to the next player and join the back of that queue.

To add an element of competition you can line up two teams side by side and see which team is first to complete the drill.

Coaching points

  • Also possible with open drag.
  • The player should be running straight at the left cone and drag the ball transferring their weight from their left foot to right foot.
  • Before being able to drag the ball the player should transfer the ball from a forehand position on the right of the body to a backhand position in front of the left foot
  • Players should try to accelerate once beyond the cones.
  • As the skill is completed keep the left elbow high. The stick should stay in contact with the ball to allow smooth movement across the body. As the player finishes the skill they should return to a good ball carrying position.

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