Hockey Drill Demonstration



Coaching Objective:

To promote weight transfer by transferring ball from side to side, jumping from one foot to the other. 


Develop the confidence to drag the ball from one side to another at different speeds. Plus create the spring in the transfer of weight so that when transfered to eliminations, the attacker has the ability to spring out of the skill and accelerate away.


Coaching points

  1. Start by encouraging player to find a tempo that they are comfortable at, keeping the feet moving at the same tempo as the stick and ball. 
  2. Keep the ball out infront of the attacker to encourage the attacker to have their eyes up for improve their vision when carrying the ball.
  3. Transfer the ball from side to side gradually increasing and decreasing the size of the drag and the tempo of the movement.
  4. As the feet move, the opposite foot should go behind the standing leg to initiate the spring onto the other side.

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