Diving Pivot Shot

category: 319-diving-and-shooting

Handball Diving pivot shot 319 diving and shooting The attacking player on the 7 meter line stands between the cones. When the diagonal pass is made ...

Pivot, Dive And Shoot

category: 319-diving-and-shooting

Handball Pivot, Dive and Shoot 319 diving and shooting The blue players stand on the edge of the 9 meter line and take it in turns to pass at Red 1 w...

Dive Shot Pivot

category: 319-diving-and-shooting

Handball dive shot pivot 319 diving and shooting Pass diagonally B3-B3 or B2-B1. Passes : - normal - hard - bounce pass - high.

Dive Shot Technique - Forward

category: 319-diving-and-shooting

Handball Dive Shot Technique - Forward 319 diving and shooting Make a movement ... Dive Shot Technique - on the turn Drill Thumbnail ... dive shot pi...

One-Two, Pass And Pivot

category: 319-diving-and-shooting

Handball One-two, Pass and Pivot 319 diving and shooting Blue 2 start this practice with a pass out wide to the player on the wing (blue 1). Player 2...

Shooting Drill : Pivot

category: 521-Shooting-back-court-players

Handball shooting drill : pivot 521 Shooting back court players Blue 1 and 2 pass to pivots red 1 and 2 who come forward to receive passes and throw ...

Web Videos

Handball pivots - dives & goals

Collage of handball goals scored from pivot position. Many different shots are presented, including dive shots, direct, rolling shots, spin etc. There...

Handball - pivot goals #11

Amazing pivot goals. Collection of different line player plays. Many different ways to shot from very tough situations. Dive goals, spin shot goals an...