Defending Confidence and Interception Session

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This session aims to get your defenders troubleshooting - spotting the danger early on and acting to close it down!

When the opposition's attacker receive the ball they shouldn't be in space - defenders should constantly be scanning and reading the game - making sure they're in the right position to put pressure on the pass, close down the defender and make an interception!

What's in the session?

To get your players alert we start by looking at the core Defending Stance your players should be adopting (knees bent, arm up, in front of their opponent). After this we then work on how to approach the attacker (with small steps and a low centre of gravity) before finally getting your players to go up against one another in a 1 vs 1 show-down!

This session also introduces players to the sort of contact they should look to expect when contesting for the ball and hones their ability to drive out and meet the pass - without over committing!

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