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Batting Technique

category: Batting

Rounders Batting Technique Batting Players work in fours with one batter, one bowler and two fielders. The basic structure of this drill is that the ...

Spot Hits

category: Batting

Rounders Spot Hits Batting Set up in groups of 5. 3 different coloured spots are placed in a triangle in front of the batter, with 3 fielders placed ...

Hit The Ball Through An Area

category: Batting

Rounders hit the ball through an area Batting In this game the batter tries to score as many rounders as they can by hitting the ball through the are...

Batting Control

category: Batting

Rounders Batting control Batting Four players working with 1 ball and 1 bat. One of the 3 players throws the ball at the batter who has to tap the ba...

Keepy Uppys

category: Batting

Rounders Keepy Uppys Batting Set up in 2's with 1 bat and a ball. The aim here is to keep the ball up in the air by hitting it lightly with the bat. ...

Team Scatterball

category: Batting

Rounders team scatterball Batting Divide players into two teams, one fielding and one batting. The fielding team bowls 4 consecutive balls to a bette...

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Batting - 4 player rotationOne player as batter, one as backstop, one as bowler and one as deep fielder.The aim is to give the batter five good balls ...