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Throughout the season our resident coaches share what they are coaching with you so you can use it too. No two weeks are the same.

  • All plans contain videos and diagrams. Watch the videos to quickly understand how to run the session
  • Clear instructions, coaching points and progressions allow you to coach with confidence and challenge your players
  • Read the plans on any mobile, tablet or computer. You can save the plan as a PDF or print a copy to take on the pitch/court.

Latest Rounders Plans

Rounders Lesson Plan: Focus On Specialist Fielding Positions - Back Stop
Focus On Specialist Fielding Positions - Back Stop

Develop a team that loves fielding! Produce the sharpest backstop around to really lump the pressure on the batter when they?re struggling to make first.

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Rounders Lesson Plan: Developing Dynamic Fielders
Developing Dynamic Fielders

Change your players preconceptions and get them excited about fielding with this week's fast paced session - developing catching, hand-eye coordination and throwing skills

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Rounders Lesson Plan: Overarm Throwing - Quick and Accurate Throwing
Overarm Throwing - Quick and Accurate Throwing

Your mission, if you wish to accept it, is to improve your players' overarm throwing to lump the pressure on the batters. Skills covered in this session include developing the technique, to throwing to a target before throwing to space and distance.

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All our plans are written with a clear goal in mind, to help you improve a key area of your players' game through simple drills, conditioned games and skill practices.

We work with a large number of coaches and sports educators so that we can bring you the widest range of ideas and coaching for all ages and abilities. All our plans have been tried and tested. We find out what works and what doesn't, saving you time and helping you to get results with your team/players... fast!

You can coach these sessions as they are or alternatively use them as a springboard for your own ideas.

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Fantastic site. You can always rely on Sportplan to add interest and new ideas to your sessions. Really keeps the players motivated.

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