Cricket Rounders

category: Conditioned-games

Cricket Cricket Rounders Conditioned games Two teams of players, fielders vs batters. Playing with four bases batters must try and get around without...

Low Catch

category: Skills

Rounders Low catch Skills In pairs throwing the ball ow at each other to catch.

Warm Up Drill

category: Conditioned-games

Using a set of cricket wickets or posts. Roll the ball along the ground to a team mate. You can run with the ball, but the ball must be rolled alon...

Over Head Catch

category: Skills

Rounders Over Head Catch Skills In pairs throwing the ball to each other. Each player should try to throw the ball over the head and beyond their par...

Web Videos

How to play the game of rounders

Once a year we gather in the field for a game of rounders. This is how we play it, though it's possible that our version deviates a little from the of...


Community Drills

Rounders cricket

Long barrierSideways onFoot to kneeUse hands to control ball.Short barrierStop ball with side of foot.Use hand to control the ball.

Run the Bases Game

This game is a striking/fielding and continuous running game. This game also involves the students thinking about strategy whilst playing.1. Field is ...