Rounders Drill Demonstration

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Set up:

4 posts are set up in the shape of a diamond. Each post being 9 metres from the centre of the diamond.

You need 3 teams of 4, 4 bats and 1 ball.

Batting team each stand at a post. The other 2 teams take the bowler and fielding roles.

The Drill:

The bowler decides who to bowl to first, and the remaining 3 batters stand behind the post and make contact with it.

The bowler bowls the ball for the batter to hit. The fielders can field the ball into any post to get any of the batters out.

If a batter is out then their team loses 4 points. 1 point is scored for every post a batter reaches.

Each team of 4 faces 6 good balls and the score is added up. After each ball the bowler can decide which batter to bowl to (it can be any of the 4 batters). The fielding team must react and move position, depending on which batter the bowler is bowling to.

After 6 good balls the next team goes into bat.

Coaching points

Batters should look to hit into spaces and communicate with each other when running between the posts.

Fielders should react to where the bowler bowls and move position accordingly, as well as backing each other up, and ensure that the posts are covered.

Additional Rules:

A batter cannot be stumped out on the post being bowled to if they miss the ball.

Batters run anti clockwise as they would in a match.

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