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Players work in fours with one batter, one bowler and two fielders.

The basic structure of this drill is that the ball is bowled to the batter who has to try and hit the ball.

To improve hand-eye coordination there are 3 stages to this drill.

Firstly the batting player should hit the ball with their hand (or yellow hand CP where available), then with a paddle bat and lastly a rounders bat.

Coaching points

Stage one: Stepping into the bowled ball and then using their hand to gently bat the ball to one of the fielding players.

Stage two: Repeat using a small tennis racket or paddle bat.

Stage three: Repeat using a rounders bat.

The batter should stand side ways on, with the bat back ready to swing at the ball.

Players' weight should be on their back foot, ready to transfer onto their front foot when they swing at the ball.

As players step they should remember to follow through.

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