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Rounders is a game played between two teams and the aim of the game is to score the most Rounders.

One team bats while the other team fields and bowls.

The bowler bowls the ball to the batter, who hits the ball anywhere on the Rounders pitch. The batter then runs to as many posts as possible before the fielders return the ball to touch the post the batter is heading for.

Games are usually played over 2 innings.


If the batter reaches the 2nd or 3rd post in one hit, the batting team scores ½ Rounder.

If the batter reaches 4th post in one hit, the batting team scores a Rounder.

A batter is out if the fielding team catch the ball hit by a batter before it touches the ground or by touching the post the batter is running to with the ball before the batter reaches it.

If the runner reaches the 4th post on a no ball, the batting team scores 1 rounder. The batter cannot be caught out.

1/2 rounder scored if the 4th post is reached without the batter hitting the ball.

If the ball goes into the backward area the batter must stay at the 1st post until it reaches the outward area. If the 4th post is reached, 1 rounder is scored.

If 2nd post is reached before the next ball is bowled, the batting team get 1/2 rounder, but if the batter continues to run and is put out before the 4th post then it is taken off.

If the batter incurrs 2 no balls in a row then a penalty 1/2 rounder is given to the batting team.

There is a penalty 1/2 rounder given to the batting team if the batter is obstructed by a fielder.

The team with the most rounders wins.


A player is out when:

  • a batter runs on the inside of the posts
  • the post the batter is running to is stumped
  • you overtake a previous batter on the field
  • the batter misses or hits the ball and their foot is over the front or back line of the batting square
  • a fielder obstructs a batter
  • you deliberately throw a bat
  • the batter is caught out
  • the batter loses contact with the post when the bowler has the ball

It is a no ball when:

  • the ball is above the head/below the knee
  • the ball bounces on it’s way to you
  • the ball is wide or straight at body
  • the bowler’s foot is outside of the square when they he bowls
  • the bowler does not use a smooth underarm action
  • you run on a no ball but only to 1st post and can’t be caught out. You can still score in the same way.



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