548 6:0 Defence

category: 548-6-0-defence

Handball 548 6:0 defence 548 6:0 defence R1 throws from the left wing. Sprints to cone at the other side, gets ball from B1 and throws at the goal. S...

547 5:1 Defence

category: 547-5-1-defence

Handball 547 5:1 defence 547 5:1 defence 4 defenders, 6 attackers variations : - only pivot B6 may score - only try to score over the wings - only tr...

548 6:0 Defence

category: 548-6-0-defence

Handball 548 6:0 defence 548 6:0 defence B2 penetrates between R1 and R2. B1 and B2 cross. R1 and R2 give/take eachother's attacker. NEVER change .....

Body Defense

category: 323-defenders-movements

Handball Body defense 323 defenders movements Defenders try to defend their cones by only using their body, so no hands and arms allowed to hold theÂ...

545 3:2:1 Defence

category: 545-3-2-1-defence

Handball 545 3:2:1 defence 545 3:2:1 defence defending pivot : - pivot is left hander : hold your right hand between hand of pivot at eye height - pi...

Hoop Tagging Game

category: 116-passing-intercepting-finding-space-and-defending

Handball Hoop tagging game 116 passing/intercepting + finding space and defending A tag-man tags other players. You cannot be tagged if you stand in ...

Defnd Pivot In 6:0 Defense

category: 548-6-0-defence

Handball defnd pivot in 6:0 defense 548 6:0 defence Pass 2-1-4-2. Attacker 2 goes a bit to the right after pass from 4.Defender 2 steps forward to at...

1:1 Defense And Attack

category: 327-close-defence-for-attacker

Pass B - A - B, then 1:1 duel with defender C.

B becomes defender instead of C, C goes to the position of D, D goes to position E, E goes to ...

Web Videos

Handball defence training

Different exercises for Handball training to improve your defence. You can see simple 1 on 1 training up to complex exercise with the look on defence....



Community Drills

Rondo per temps

Rondo 4x2 per temps:A veure quants passes/tocata al portador puc fer durant un temps determinat (suma dels dos).Sempre ataquen 4 i defensen 2.Entro a ...

A essayer

bloc du demi sur le defenseur haut, AG court rcoit la balle de l'arrière droit, croisée avec l'ailier