Defensive Cover - Shuffle, Shield and Stop

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Defend as a unit with this week's session, meeting the ball quickly and covering the gaps to make it as difficult as possible for the opposition's attackers.

Suitable for all ages and abilities, this session enables you to cover all aspects of defending, from the basics to the more advanced defensive movement patterns. Your defenders will need quick feet and excellent reactions to keep up with the oncoming attackers, finding the perfect moment to make their decisive drive for the ball.

By the end of this training you should see a stronger, more supportive back line, ready to make life difficult for attackers everywhere - "All for one and one for all!"

Features from this session

  • One-on-One drilling - working on defensive overload situations
  • Constant defensive pressure
  • Improving defensive teamwork
  • Man Covering
  • Killing off attacks
  • Full game implementing drills

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