Covering Defenders in the 3:2:1 System

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This session makes sure there's always an extra man behind the ball to prevent the opposition breaking through your back line.

Building defending confidence

When using the 3:2:1 system the offensive three defenders play key-roles, so it's important you have your players regularly practice defending to improve cooperation across your back-line.

Use this session to ensure players are assertive by running out to stop the attacker, safe in the knowledge that a team-mate is supporting them in case they get beaten.

To reinforce the team-defending ethos, it is vital to boost your players' defending ability by working on their agility, speed and technique.

Defending technique

The drills in this session look at developing your players' footwork and defence stance - side-on with arm slightly out-stretched and always stand between your attacker and the goal. The session kicks things off with a relay passing race before then working on shuffling defence and moving as a unit to close down the attacking angle.

Don't leave defending to chance, get your back-line working like a well-oiled machine with this team defence session.

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