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The blue team (back court players) are attacking and are passing the ball along the line, looking to find a chink in the defence so that they can pass the ball to either of the two forward green players (pivots).

Meanwhile the blue defending players must work together and make good defending decisions. When an attacker comes forward a defender must step forward to mark the back court players while another defender moves across the cover the pivot.

Coaching points

Cover defence:

Communication is key! Your players must talk so that they know who is running out to meet the ball and who is marking the pivot!

Small, fast side-steps, staying low to the floor. Arms should be slightly bent.

As you run back into defence ensure you are always watching the ball and are taking small, short steps with arms wide open to prevent a pass through to the pivot.

Defending the pivot :

* Static pivot: Stand in front
* Agile pivot: Try to defend when standing, moving behind him
- one hand in the back of pivot
- other hand between the hands of the pivot (his eye height)

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