Drawing in Defenders and Co-Operation in Defence

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Drawing in defenders is a very difficult skill, but one that can have great effects if mastered. That's why this week's session covers just that, while also not forgetting about your defenders!

They'll be able to work on how to co-operate at the back, particularly when playing against attacks that do draw in defenders, ensuring your whole team not only enjoys this session, but they'll also learn a valuable skill.

What's in the session?

We start the session with a fun warm up that the whole team can enjoy to get the blood pumping! The focus starts in defence as we teach your players when to step forward to an attacker, and also when to cover your fellow defenders that have been drawn in. These two great animated drills will have your defence more organised in no time!

The attackers then get their chance to shine as we play various 2 v 1 games with the aim of drawing in the defender and allowing a fellow attacker to attack the free space. Breaking at speed then becomes the focus over the next two drills, before we end the session with a fun team game.

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