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320 Passing Varieties/Catching-Passing

category: 320-passing-varieties-catching-passing

Handball 320 passing varieties/catching-passing 320 passing varieties/catching-passing variations in passing : - center shot with pressure into the d...

Passing In Motion

category: 320-passing-varieties-catching-passing

Handball passing in motion 320 passing varieties/catching-passing B1 starts the exercise. Run forward until you catch the ball. B6 puts all the balls...

Hoop Tagging Game

category: 116-passing-intercepting-finding-space-and-defending

Handball Hoop tagging game 116 passing/intercepting + finding space and defending A tag-man tags other players. You cannot be tagged if you stand in ...

Crossing After Pass Wing To Center 5

category: 527-crossing

Handball Crossing after pass wing to center 5 527 crossing Pass A to B who crosses with C. Pass C to D who throws at the goal, passes to pivot E or p...

Warming-Up : Pass-Receive X3

category: warming-up

Handball warming-up : Pass-Receive x3 warming up Players take it in turns to run with the ball and play three consecutive one-twos (passing and recei...

1-2 Feint And Shoot

category: 526-ballcirculation

Players take it in turns to make a run to their cone, just outside the 9 meter line.

Once they reach the cone players must feint moving insi...

10 Pass Game 2

category: small-match-playing

Blue team tries to pass 10 times without losing or dropping the ball.

Defending team try to prevent this and try to TOUCH an attacker in po...

Web Videos

Handball passes vol.1

Handball pass - tricky and powerfull essential element of the game. Watch some beautiful examples. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ▷ ... Best place to ...


Feinting : Drills for every Age Group

Get your players dictating to their defenders who is in charge! Develop clever faints into their to sell them one way before going another to set up a...


Community Drills

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1 passing 5 meter2 passing 3 meter3 Duwpassing4 Zelfde als 1 2 en 3 maar nu beweegen voorbij de frietjes

Passing While Running drill

In pairs jogging down the court, passing to each other without violating three step rule. Once everyone has completed 2 runs change the distance in wh...

Drill 1 - passing

Split the group into 4 sub groups.Have the participants stood in a zig zag line, show them how to do the chest pass and get them to copy passing to ea...