Feinting : Drills for every Age Group

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Teach your players to fix their man, with a drop of the shoulder in this attacking running session and help your players get past their defender to create a shooting opportunity.

This week's feinting session has been split into four sections to ensure there's something for every age group:

Drills for your 6-8 year old players
Simple practices to develop running, changing direction and evasion

Drills for your 9-12 year old players
Playful games to get your players making physical contact and practice opening up space (through techniques including feinting and dummy passes)

Drills for your 12-15 year old players
More advanced passing and receiving scenarios that put pressure on your players to perform the feinting techniques at speed

Drills for your older players
Working on the shot feint and putting the skill into a game-situation, working with passive and active defenders!

If you find your players are comfortable and confident then progress them onto the next set of practices!

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