Pre-Season Conditioning 1: Aerobic Stamina

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Pre-season is the perfect time to start building a solid base for your team's fitness in preparation of the first game of the season.

Speed and Endurance

Use these routines to improve your players' agility and stamina running before getting them working in small groups. While focusing on their fitness levels remember to always have them running with a ball in hand, this will help improve their dribbling and passing at the same time as their stamina.

Responsibility for Personal Fitness

To see real improvements in your players' stamina, individuals have to be responsible for their own fitness. It is important they run or play handball three times a week. Any less than this and any improvements in your team's fitness levels will be lost.

For this reason encourage your players to train outside of your handball sessions.

Note: sections of this plan can be used for running a fitness session with groups from 5 to 50 people

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