Last Line of Defence - Goalkeeper Training

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This week we're looking at the last line of defence: the goalkeeper, one of the most important players on your team.

The better your goalkeeper is and they more they train, the less goals they are likely to concede. That's why it's so important to work with your keeper on a regular basis, as the less goals you concede, the fewer you have to score to win games! Remember, you can't lose a game if you don't concede a goal!

What's in the session?

You may not realise how important it is to warm up your goalkeeper properly, that's why this session includes goalkeeper specific warm ups to get them ready to use their quick reactions. We work on stopping high balls and also give your players a 'courage test'. Do you think they will be able to handle it?

If you think the session is all about goalkeepers then you are wrong, as we get your team involved with passing and shooting drills that work the keeper with a variety of shots, before improving your goalkeeper's reaction times, making them get on their feet quickly to start the fast break!

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