Defend your Wings - Teamwork in Defence Session

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Co-operation in all positions of the court is important, but nowhere is it more important than in your team's defensive third.

In this handball coaching plan we focus on your back players, making sure defenders are communicating and working together to defend your goal and keep the opposition's attackers at bay! When the opposition's wing players are running at speed and switching positions, you want to make sure your defenders are able to communicate, to avoid being pulled out of position.

What's in the session?

To make sure your players are up to the challenge we kick things off with a speed passing warm up before then focusing on their defending technique. Once your players are in the right 1v1 defensive frame of mind, we then progress onto the second part of the session, which works on 2v2 defending and marking the space.

Protect the wings and improve your players' teamwork in defence - Try this session with your team today!

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