The Give and Go

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This handball plan looks at the Give and Go - also known as a one-two or double-pass - and how it can give your players the attacking edge in their next game!

When should you use the Give and Go?

Use the give and go when playing against a strong defence which plays a high line to try and force your team to take pot shots from far out, predominantly a 5:1 or 3:2:1 defence system. Playing the ball into another player allows the runner to move into a better position to receive the ball back and make a shot on goal.

Sounds simple, and it is.

With more experienced players you can progress the skill. If you add in a few fakes or dummy passes it can become an entirely different beast - helping your players to continue their looped runs towards the goal unchallenged and create a golden shooting opportunity!

Use this session with your players today, so that this passing technique can become second nature!

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