Faster, Harder and Better - Position Play Passing

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Passing when standing is easy, but passing and catching at full speed is another matter - that's why we're working on your players' passing skill, improving their passing variety and making sure the ball reaches its intended recipient, even when passing under pressure.

Passing is essential to handball. The faster, harder and better a team can pass the ball, the more chances they will create to score a goal. Because of this, passing should be taught at a very early age and throughout a player's handball career.

What's in the session?

To get your players catching the ball with the right techniques - yes there's more than one - this session practices passing with several different techniques (centre shot, jump shot, throwing off the wrong foot, push pass, bounce pass and both hands pass). After some opposed and unopposed passing practice, its time to put the skills to the test in the final attacking wave game!

Find out how players cope when passing at speed in difficult positions and situations!

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