Fast Break Series: Counter-attacking after a turnover

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The fast break is an attractive and essential element of handball which is not only exciting for spectators, but also a great way to score a quick goal on the counter, after a defensive turnover.

Speed is important for an effective fast break but what is more important is the awareness. When a player notices that they are not involved in a defensive action, they should be looking to make a sprint up court, as soon as their team is back in possession. Equally, when other players have the ball, they should be looking up and picking out the forward pass.

What's in the session?

To improve your team's ability to launch a fast break in this session we practice the fast break techniques, including:

  • Catching and dribbling running at speed
  • Passing over short and long distances
  • Jump and center shooting running at pace

Improve your players' fast break technique today so that they can counter-attack at speed in their next game!

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