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Players stand in line waiting their turn to attack. The first player passes to player two in the middle who plays an immediate ball back into the path of the player who passed to them.

This player should then catch the ball and shoot with a center shot on goal.

Variations :

- center shot when running

- center shot hip height

- center shot knee height


First without a defender, later with a passive defender who only shows the attacker where to throw : defender has hands high --> attacker should decide for a shot at hip of knee height. Defender has hands low --> attacket decedis to throw with a high shoulder height center shot or running shot.

Coaching points

Keep on running when catching and throwing.

Center shot when running:

The ball should be caught with both hands, right foot is still in the air when catching (for right handed players), during the last step the ball is taken up to shoulder height before moving forwards explosively to throw the ball as the 'wrong' foot is in leading.

Drill tags: attacking, center, centre, shoot, shooting, shot

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