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Pass B1-B2-B3 throw at goal.
Every player takes in next position.

Variations :

- center shot when running

- center shot hip height

- center shot knee height


First without a defender, later with a passive defender who only shows the attacker where to throw : defender has hands high --> attacker should decide for a shot at hip of knee height. Defender has hands low --> attacket decedis to throw with a high shoulder height center shot or running shot.

Coaching points

center shot
- lefthanders : right foot in front. righthanders : left foot in front
- at the same time get your hand at the height of your shoulder and then backwards
- fore-arm should have a 90 degree angle with upper-arm
- hip goes turns backwards together with the throwing arm
- hand behind ball, fingers slightly spread
- the thrird and last step going foreward must be a big one and explosive
- foot into the direction of the goal
- hand,arm,shoulder,hips must move foreward explosively, with full force
- hand behind the ball, don't squeeze the ball
- when the other foot comes off the floor, the throwing arm should pass the head (ear height)
- stretch out the throwing arm, point towards the direction you want to throw it
- upper body part follows the throwing arm lightly downward

mistakes often made :
- wrong foot in front
- ellbow is lower than the shoulder
- when throwing the elbow is in front of the shoulder
- hand under the ball
- no turning of the hip backwards
- no stretching backward of the shoulder and arm


The player who shoots at the goal becomes a defender. First rather passive to 'block' the shots, later he becomes really

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