Handball Drill Demonstration


Pairs stand a couple of meters apart from one another and pass the ball to one another.

Players can see how many times in a row they can pass without making a mistake.

Alternatively players can take a small step back after each successful couple of passes - see which players can pass successfully from the greatest distance.

Coaching points

Center shot:

Left handers: right foot in front. Right handers: left foot in front

Get your hand at the height of your shoulder and then pull it backwards. Your forearm should have a 90 degree angle with upper-arm.

Hip turns backwards together with the throwing arm and with their foot in the direction of the goal as their hand, arm, shoulder and hips move forward explosively.

The throwing arm should pass the head at ear height. Stretch out the throwing arm and point towards the direction you want to throw it with the upper body following the throwing arm lightly downward

Passing Variations:

Bounce pass, high bounce, low bounce.

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