Improving feinting and shooting!

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Use this plan to help your players get past the last defender to take their shot on goal!

By improving your players' ability to sell the feint, you increase their shooting chances as you teach them how to fix their defender, leaving them rooted to the spot, and create an opening for the shot on goal.

But how do you go about teaching players this instinctive drop of the shoulder, fake and drive technique? The answer is with practice! This skill is one which players should learn to use without thinking, so repetition is key! To get your players to learn this technique by heart, every drill in this session works on feinting to get a clear shot on goal, from start to finish!

What's in the session?

  • Part 1: A review of the technique
  • Part 2: A simple start, feinting past cones
  • Part 3: Progressively harder drills, building up to a 1v1 showdown!

Use this session with your team today to create the space up front.

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