Prevent Injuries - Teach Junior Players to Fall Safely

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This fun session is designed to put your players on their backside (in a good way) as we work on developing their ability to land safely and fall after playing a jump shot.

Why is learning to fall important?

To complete a fast break you'll often see the professionals play a Jump Shot, especially when on the edge of the goal area line, as this enables them to jump inside the area and shoot from a better angle. However, a side-effect of the jump shot is that players try and hang in the air for as long as possible before firing off their shot and then landing - often falling in the process. Therefore teaching players how to fall safely, and without fear at an early age, is important for their future handball development.

What's in the session?

Starting with some core strength and balance practices we then get the crash mats out and prepare the runway for your players to run, dive and land.

Through a series of fun games and drills this session aims to take the fear out of falling and develop your players' ability to land safely, to try and ensure that as your players develop they learn how to fall safely and prevent injury to themselves.

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