Decision Making in Scoring Opportunities!

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Let's work on your players' Decision Making in front of goal - to help improve their scoring percentage!

So your team are making intelligent runs and moving the ball nicely - they're even able to penetrate into the opponent's final third - but do they make the right decisions to kill the game?

Decision Making is a skill which is often overlooked by many coaches. Even if your players are technically gifted shooters, if they're unable to make quick decisions, they'll struggle to get their shots past the opposition's keeper!

That's why this week's session aims to get your players thinking about how best to use the ball and time their shots for maximum goal scoring potential!

Benefits from this session

  • Improved awareness
  • Decisive decision making
  • Improved shooting accuracy
  • Improved positioning

Challenge your players to think about their shooting in preparation for that all decisive moment to win the game!

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