Speed and Sprint Endurance Session

Rating: 4
from 7 members ratings

This week's session has been designed to work with large groups of players of all ages, to get all your players running hard, using quick turns of pace over increasingly large distances working on their game fitness!

As your players improve their fitness, you'll have a better understanding how your players perform whilst fatigued. It's physically demanding, fun and competitive too!

All the drills in this Speed and Endurance session are handball specific (apart from the warm-up) - requiring your players to run around the attacking third of the court, running to find space before picking up the ball to go on and shoot!

Can your players dig deep and ignore the cries of fatigue?

As the session progresses not only will you be able to see which of your players are fit (and which are not). You'll be able to manage your players effectively during your next match, on course to your next win!

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