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Develop the Backhand!

Work on the technical aspects of the backhand, as you work to improve on their groundstroke to succeed in matches!

Public Drills

up and back side to side challenge

one player is working on moving opponent side to side while other is hitting shots moving opponent forwards and backwards on the courtthis is a cooper...

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The peace and pain tennis drill sees one player located on one side of the court while they move their opponent from side to side on the other end.The...

Back of the Bus

Players stay on the same courtLine 4 up at the net Feet must be moving at all timesIf they miss a volley, that person goes to the back of the bus (lin...


1 line4 / 8 balls , play & collectforehand & backhandmoving in & out foot work ,short ball play in close stancelong ball play in back...