Forehand-based Session for Kids: Ball Perception

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This session goes through working on ball perception with your players, developing their forehand skills with a variety of different scenarios, making sure they are ready for any situation!

In this session especially designed for your younger players, we get to work on improving their essential skills for the future - as well as having fun of course!

What?s in the Session?

Throughout the session we look at the key areas your players need for future matches, including coordination and control. Work on your agility and hand-eye coordination, before moving onto the different types of depth and direction they can use with the forehand, as they look to catch the opposition off guard.

Continue to work on areas such as placement and by using fun drills such as using the body, you will keep your player's concentration focused, as well as letting them enjoy themselves.

Watch your players improve their forehand with a smile on their face, with this session!

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