Fun Finishing

category: Coordination-Fun-Games

Tennis Fun Finishing Coordination / Fun Games Coach sets up a target (basket). Players compete with each other while trying to throw the ball inside ...

2 Points Per Rally

category: Rally-Drills

Tennis 2 points per rally Rally Drills 2 teams two balls Players play a half court ... all 4 players for the second point. competition, concentration...

Catch And Dribble Warm Up

category: Agility-Fitness

Tennis Catch and Dribble Warm Up Agility & Fitness Cones are set in front of the player. Coach stands behind the player and tosses the ball over the ...

Two Sides Of The Line

category: Agility-Fitness

Tennis Two sides of the line Agility & Fitness The player bounces the ball up using the racquet. The player has to perform one bounce on each side of...

Random Cones

category: Agility-Fitness

Tennis Random cones Agility & Fitness Cones are set randomly around the court. The player starts from the centre of the baseline and their goal is to...

Cross-Court Rally Game With Winners

category: Rally-Drills

Tennis Cross-court rally game with winners Rally Drills Players get into pairs. Each pair takes on another pair in a cross court competition. Players...

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Improving Key Skills For Juniors

Use this session plan to help your players’ confidence and skills grow, by putting in use of key skills that are required in the game.



Community Drills


1. The players will gather around the coach as shown below. The coach will have on his/her racquet, one ball less than the total amount of players. So...

Double volley bounce

Players play volleys to each other but they must bounce the ball twice on their racket before they return it They can also do it cross court to w...