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Cones are set in the deep corner (ad side). The player serves from the ad side and moves to the net, and the coach feeds the ball to the ad side. The player hits backhand half volley deep cross court and takes proper position at the net.

Coaching points

Serve and volley is a primary tactic for many doubles teams. Moving to the net helps to get advantage over opponents by hitting the balls in the air and forcing the rivals to hit more risky shots.

In this drill the player works on moving to the net after the serve with specific focus on a half volley. Good returning teams put a lot of returns into opponent's legs so the player has to be able to deal with these balls without losing the control over the point. With more players on the court coach can use this drill as a competition and score every shot into the zone.

Drill tags: backhand, control, half volley, serve, tennis

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