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Work with the Depth

Produce a player that recognises the value of varying the depth to dictate where the opponent plays from on the court. This session is great to learn the game as well as refine the skills to develop your player tactically and technically.

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Cones (stations) are set on the player's side. The player starts from the first cone and the coach feeds the ball. The player then tries to hit the ball into the deuce zone. If he makes it he is allowed to move to the next station. If he doesn't he tries until he makes a successful shot.

Coaching points

Tennis is a situational game so players can't work only on general strokes. Modern game requires ability to hit effective volleys from any place on the court so the players have to include these drills into the practice sessions. Being able to hit well-placed volleys from behind the service line is a real asset to make own game more offensive in singles as also to effectively approach the net in doubles.

In this drill, the player works on control and placement. Being able to control the ball and put it into the deep corner is a big advantage especially against defensive players so coaches have to explain to their players why they do this type of drill. Additionally, this exercise can work really well in group lessons because the coach can make it as a competition e.g how many shots do you need to finish the stations or how many stations in a row you can advance without a miss.

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