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Work with the Depth Session Thumbnail
Work with the Depth

Produce a player that recognises the value of varying the depth to dictate where the opponent plays from on the court. This session is great to learn the game as well as refine the skills to develop your player tactically and technically.

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The coach feeds the ball to the backhand side, and the player hits backhand drop shot down the line and moves forward. The coach comes then to the net and feeds the ball to the backhand side. The player finishes with backhand volley lob cross-court.

Coaching points

Using different depths in own shots is a big tactical opportunity to make the opponent work really hard to win the point. Hitting short and deep balls is a basic but effective strategy that top players in the world use on a daily basis. Agnieszka Radwanska is the best example of a tennis star who uses the pattern drop shot-lob to win against players who have much more powerful shots than she has.

In this drill, the player works on drop shot and volley lob. Hitting a drop shot is a good way to bring baseline players to the area that they don't feel as comfortable. We have to remember that drop shot is a good option to take advantage on the court but we also have to learn how to answer the next ball. Moving forward and hitting volley lob cross-court is the most effective strategy because we hit it diagonally (more distance for the ball - less chance for mistake) as also we put it over the opponent's backhand which is really hard to finish even if the lob is not played well. The coach should remind their players that few points with this strategy can expose weak fitness preparation of our opponent and it can produce more unforced errors from the rival's side.

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