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Work with the Depth

Produce a player that recognises the value of varying the depth to dictate where the opponent plays from on the court. This session is great to learn the game as well as refine the skills to develop your player tactically and technically.

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The coach stands in the ad corner and the player stands at the net on the ad side. The coach and player rally together. The coach hits 2 balls to the ad side, 2 balls to the centre, and 2 balls to the deuce side. The player hits all the volleys back deep to the coach.

Coaching points

The key to develop any stroke in tennis is proper amount of repetitions. That is why players have to make a lot of drills based on control and consistency to become confident with this shot when the pressure is on. Being able to place the ball in the same place from different positions will increase player's confidence so he won't hesitate to come to the next during the tournament.

In this drill, the player works on control and consistency. Rallying with the coach puts player into the tremendous learning environment because all the balls are different. The player has to adapt and still maintain the high rate of effective volleys so instead of improving only technical skills, the player gets stronger also in physical and mental skills. The coach can make this exercise restricted by time or by proper amount of balls hit into the zone.

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