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The coach feeds fast ball to deuce side. The player runs and hits deep forehand cross-court. The coach immediately feeds drop shot to ad side, the player then sprints and hits deep backhand slice down the line.

Coaching points

Practice sessions should imitate a tournament environment if players want to transfer training performance to competition. The are many repetitious scenarios that happen during every match so the coaches' job is to find them and incorporate into regular training sessions. Players who are prepared for given tactical situations find it easier to respond effectively even while being under pressure.

In this drill, the player works on controlled shots while running. The player starts with regular forehand that happens many times during the match so the coach should pay attention to the quality of this shot. After that, the player is forced to sprint and hit while controlling depth and direction of the ball. The coach should explain to players why they should go for down the line shot and make players understand that good strategy can decide who will win the match. To make it more competitive, the coach can give points for every shot that is hit into the zone.

Drill tags: backhand, backhand slice, cross-court, drop shot, forehand, groundstroke, tennis

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