Anticipation and tactical awareness

The court is marked out with cones into areas (e.g. red, amber and green). Players try to anticipate which area the ball is going to land in so th...

Approach and Close

The coach feeds into the service area.
-Before the coach feeds Player 1 has to nominate the corner into which they hit their approach sh...

Approach and rally

- Coach feeds the ball short.
- Player has to hit an approach shot and then play a rally.

Approach and smash

-2 feeding players, with a basket in the middle.
- Feed a short ball followed by a lob.
- After the approach shot the player smashes the lob...

Approach and volley

Players start off on baseline moves into no mans land for approach shot then move up to hit a 1st volley and finish with a 2nd volley.

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Nail the Approach Shot

Work on your player's approach shots and coming to the net with this plan. Get them sprinting to the ball and hitting it out of reach down the line!

Get a Solid Forehand Volley!

Improve your player’s forehand volley with this attacking session and put them on the front foot. Teach your players how to time their attack correctl...

Public Drills

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coach feeds 1 ball to the red player at this moment blue player approaching to net ,they play point ,coach feeds second ball they play out point, afte...

Catch in air from behind

The coach stands behind the player. The player works with fast feet, and then the coach throws the ball over the player's head, who then has to catch ...

CC Rally on Service Line

Players stay on the service lines and rally together in a cross-court direction. Players have to hit all the balls in the air.Rally from the service l...

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Coach feeds first ball to the baseline if they win first ball second ball is approaching (chasachreli) for second player , 3 ball is volley for 1 play...