Approach and Win at the Net

Although it is becoming a dying art in the baseline-heavy game, approaching the net is still a vital part of a tennis player's ammunition. Approaching, or crashing, the net means less chance of hitting the net and also gives your opponent less time to recover for their next shot.

It is important that players don't charge all the time and do so erratically, it needs to be done at the right time to punish your opponent. That's why this sessions teaches players when to approach the net and what to do once they've got there.

What's in the Session?

Packed with video drills, this session begins with by warming players up with dynamic stretches and stroke practice. We then get players working on their approach and movement, teaching them to move around the court quickly, ready for the next shot.

We then teach your players about lob awareness, as this is something they will have to deal with when approaching the net, before working on returning serves using the approach technique.

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