Tennis Drill Demonstration


Coach, 3 players, and a basket of balls. Players 1,2 and 3 line up on the baseline.

  1. The coach feeds 3 balls. Players 1 and 2 play deeps forehands, and player 3 a deep backhand.
  2. Coach feeds 3 balls. Players 1 and 2 play a mid court forehand, and player 3 a mid court backhand.
  3. Coach feeds 3 balls. Players 1 and 2 play a forehand volley, and player 3 a backhand volley.
  4. Coach feeds 3 high balls for all players to play forehand smashes.

Players rotate positions and return to starting point. Drill continues.

Coaching points

Players to concentrate on their own feed, and not be distracted by what is happening around them.

Good quick footwork to have feet in the correct position to play the correct shots.

Lots of energy. Encourage the players to keep up the high intensity.

Return shots from players can be played anywhere in the court.

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