Punt Kicks

category: Kicking

Rugby Punt Kicks Kicking • The aim of the drill is to develop kickers through the gate and keeping square onto the kick.

Punt Kick

category: Kicking

Rugby Punt Kick Kicking 2 players working together, about 4m apart. One player punt kicks the ball to the hands of the other. Create a competitive ed...

Footwork In The Drop Punt

category: Kicking

Rugby Footwork in the Drop Punt Kicking The aim of the drill is to develop kickers feetwork into kick.

3-Kick Warmup

category: Kicking

Rugby 3-Kick Warmup Kicking Drill to warm up/practice different types of kick. ... a cross-field punt to a partner on the opposite side of the pitch ...

Spiral Kick

category: Kicking

Related Drills. Prev Next. View this drill. Punt Kicks. View this drill. Single Leg Kick. View this drill. Side Kicks. View this drill. Static Drop K...

Catching A High Ball

category: Catching

Rugby League Catching a high ball Catching Move to get under the ball Hands and arms up (point at the ball) Keep body sideways on with wide stance St...

1 Vs 1 Get To Feet

category: Contact-Skills

Pass gets given to the attacker who has to run down the grid. When the tackle comes in the player with the ball has to present the ball.


Agility Slalom - Race

category: Agility-Running-Skills

Start with 2 players on the centre cone, each with a ball, and facing each other.

  1. On the shout "GO", they both run backwards to the fi...

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Forwards and Backs Skills

Make sure your forwards and backs have the skills needed in Rugby with this session, improving areas such as the punt kick and scrum!

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Add an extra dimension to your game plus scrub up on the absolutely essential kicking techniques with this kicking session packed of videos and drills...


Community Drills

Pattern 3

Bal gaan hier net heeltyd wyd.Die speel ons van lynstaan af waar 2 forwards wyd gaan staan. Bal gaan hier net heen en weer met die pods wat op d...


3 grupos 2 que atacan y uno que defiende.Lanzamiento posición básica de defensa, Poste, 1 , pelota. Cuando el medio abre arriba se se sube se encuadra...

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Ek wil graag op drie aspekte vir Saterdag wat kom fokus:a) Verdediging langs die kantlyn af;b) Om nie te bondel op verdediging nie en almal moet nie s...